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29 June 2009 @ 10:16 am

I was quarantined for a week because a friend of mine was positive of that stupid virus. -_0 Anyway, my oneechyan left for Baguio and I miss her terribly. : (

Onechyan! I want that Yamada Farm those big straberries. KISS!
22 May 2009 @ 05:58 am

Useless Talent #1
disguising yourself as a thief with the purpose of stealing

animal sounds

Useless Talent #2
making ridiculous animal sounds with the use of plastic cups (provided by the staff) for the sake of the PV out takes.


Useless Talent #3
walking out in public fearlessly with bed hair




Useless talent#4
fitting an elliptical shaped biscuit into your mouth and show it off (to chinen) afterwards


Useless Talent#5

mantaining your equilibrium on green lightweight blocks during photoshoots and still look cute


cup stacking

Useless Talent#6

performing your amateur skills in cup stacking (to be able to have more fans)


Useless Talent#7
doing an impression of the director's voice, pretending to be boss.(without being reprimanded) to see how your co-members would react

disposing body

Useless Talent #8

disposing a co-memeber's body (with the help of some willing members)


faking tummy ache

Useless Talent#9
faking a tummy ache whenever it is approppriate specially when a co-memeber is passing you the responibility to show fans the dance steps (just because he have'nt really memeorized it yet)


faking own kidnapping

Useless Talent#10

feigning your own abduction to attract attention (Rating: Necessity To Have More Fans)


fist in mouth

Useless talent#11

fitting your whole fist into your (luscious) mouth (unconsiously killing fan girls - zyn).


fitting into trash can

Useless Talent#12

making yourself fit into the trash can and managing to astonish a co-memeber


funny faces

Useless Talent#13
making funny faces accomplishing..... nothing


balancing things on your face

Useless Talent#14

balancing things with the help of errr... different parts of the body (Talent desu! - mommy zyn)



Useless Talent#15

imitating a manga character's (wrathful) face



Useless Talent#15

using some fluffy thing in place of a sponge to apply face powder (Daiki Beauty Tips #1910340 - zyn)



Useless talent#16

using anything you could lay your hands on as a weapon



Useless talent#17

crossing on some metal bars illegally *sigh* to save time. Best used when you are late for dance practice or a photoshoot.
(Rating: NOT USELESS, after all)


Useless Talent#18

making yourself a blanket out of your own manga collection
(Rating: Beneficial for poor idols)



Useless Talent#19

picking your nose with the help of err... (Yuuto's) drumsticks and a pen in the front of the camera without being shy about it



Useless talent#20

Uhmm... well, as you can see, pole dancing
(Rating: . . .)


Useless Talent#21

Popping (poor) balloons. Best used when older co-memebers are bullying you to tears.



Useless Talent#22

hiding beneath colored papers (so that you could play with Yabu)



Useless talent#23

fitting yourself in a wheelbarrow (at the age of 19) and asking younger (Hey!Say!7) memebers to push it for you
(Qualification: Charm needed)



Useless Talent#24

Seeking shade under uhmm... a plant


Useless talent#25

catching the ball with your err... shirt and at the same time, showing your flat (sexy) stomach



Useless talent#26

reaching inside your soccer shorts so you won't have to play
(Qualification: Sexy Inoo on the background needed)



Useless Talent#27

Making a dress out of your soccer uniform (Rating: Extremely effective)





Useless Talent#28

Licking your lips and showing your tongue in public making people turn their heads and die immediately
(Rating: Dangerous)
29 April 2009 @ 10:19 am

  • Finally a Deep Night performance! I’ve been waiting for ages to watch them perform that song live. Oh well, I’ve seen one (a Hi! Hey! Say! Live performance with Hikka and Yabu only) but they did not perform the whole song. I’ve wanted to hear the rap part live badly!!! (that cute sexy rap) My Oneechyan and I will download the Concert today. So help us God..
  • I have some trouble sleeping recently (specially last night). To make myself sleep, I was planning my date with Ryo-chan (sorry Hii-chan...) the whole night... To make it more real I planned what I would wear on our date.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I would definitely hunt for this dress. Help? haha

  • I didn’t know that I was suicidal (*sigh*)… I woke up awfully early this morning (I actually kind of forced myself up. I’ve been swearing to myself for days that I’ll wake up early) and found myself looking at Hikaru’s, Ryosuke’s, Akame’s and Miura Haruma’s pictures. I didn’t even have the slightest idea that that could lead to my death (*sigh*).  Lesson: drooling over Hii-chan’s, Ryo-chan’s, Akame’s and Miura’s photos could lead to severe bleeding, heart attack, cerebrovascular accident and death
22 April 2009 @ 11:32 am
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Happy birthday!!!

Let's dream wonderful things
Let's dream forever
Let's dream dream-like things
Let us dream

No matter what comes tomorrow
the passion you described won't change
Your smile will always
give me courage

In the dreams we see
lies a hidden happiness
Hold the joy and smiles
and go towards the future